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I'm John Barrows

I’ve been fortunate in my career to be exposed to all aspects of Business and Sales from making 400 dials a week, to leading a bootstrapped company from startup to acquisition, starting my own business, and working with some of the fastest growing and most dynamic companies in the world like Salesforce, LinkedIn, Google, Amazon and many others.

These experiences have allowed me to create and share content to help others grow and hopefully not make as many mistakes as I did on their path to success.

I’m also humbled to be recognized by many different publications who share my desire to elevate the people and profession of Sales.

What Are People Saying About The Course

"I just wanted to give you a shout-out and say, ‘Thank you for everything you have taught me!’ I was finally able to close a big deal with [Company Name Omitted For Privacy] towards the end of last year."

       - Jason

"John's knowledge of traditional and nontraditional selling techniques and sales methodology is his key differentiator from other sales trainers."

       - Bill Bayaud

"I started a new sales job during COVID, after a decade away from sales. I used your course to learn cold calling and video messaging. In a few months, I was booking meetings and closing deals, consistently meeting all sales goals."

       - Susan Smith

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