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Improve Your Sales Team's Productivity WITHOUT The Burden Of Building  Your Own Training System! 

John Barrows and his team have trained thousands of sales professionals at some of the world's most successful companies, transforming their sales process and skyrocketing their productivity. Now, you have the opportunity to do the same for your team.

With JB Sales Team Membership, you’ll get access to their full-suite of on-demand training courses, a dashboard to track progress, support from a dedicated Success Manager, and access live sessions with John Barrows' to help translate learning into action.

The JB Sales Team Membership is your ultimate shortcut to rolling out a comprehensive sales training program that helps your team continuously improve their skills, no matter where they are or how much they know, so they can engage prospects and close deals with newfound confidence.

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I'm John Barrows

I’ve been fortunate in my career to be exposed to all aspects of Business and Sales from making 400 dials a week, to leading a self funded team from startup through acquisition, starting my own business and now working with some of the fastest growing and most dynamic companies in the world like Salesforce, Linkedin, Google, Amazon and many others.

These experiences have allowed me to create and share content to help others grow and hopefully not make as many mistakes as I did on their path to success. I’m also humbled to be recognized by many different publications who share my desire to elevate the people and profession of Sales.

What Are People Saying About The Course

"The high-integrity, ultra-logical approach to prospecting, selling and negotiating the close stands out from the crowd by a mile." 

 - Executive, CA Technologies

"The JB Sales team continually finds ways to adapt and adjust prospecting tactics and strategies to stay relevant and successful in changing times and environments." 

 - Executive, Gigamon

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