The Sales Navigator Playbook

Mastering Prospecting and Warm Lead Generation



Sales Navigator is one of the most powerful tools for prospecting and finding warm leads.

Yet, it's commonly underutilized. In this course, you'll learn the top 9 sales navigator tactics to help you stand out and hit quota.


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I'm Jed Mahrle

2019 I had no sales experience and no degree. But I took a risk by moving across the country to apprentice at a fast-growing startup (PandaDoc).

In less than a year I became the leading SDR, built repeatable outbound playbooks, scripts, and sequences for our SDRs/AEs, and broke several company records.

2 years later managed and scaled the team from 3 to 18 SDR and 2 Team Leads - helping PandaDoc achieve a billion-dollar evaluation.

Most recently, I made the move to Mailshake to build the Outbound sales team from scratch. 

What Are People Saying About The Course

"Jed is one of those leaders you just can't find nowadays. He gives you the tools to succeed while at the same time giving you space and room so you think for yourself"

- Pablo

"Jed is a marketer trapped in a sales body. He gets the practicality of execution. Jed has an uncanny ability to take something complex and innovative and break it down into actionable steps on his blog "

- Julia

"Jed has a mindset that acknowledges hurdles but is never held back by them. Never afraid to drive outbound down new paths, with confidence"

- Parker

Essential Sales Navigator Tactics to Supercharge Your Sales Success

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