The Complete Guide to Selling on Video

Everything you need to build a video-based sales process.

Course includes:

  • Performing on Camera 
  • Sales Strategy
  • Goals and Accountability Metrics
  • Script Writing 
  • Sample Templates 
  • Filming 
  • Editing 
  • Captioning 
  • New comedy sketches


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I'm Chris Bogue


I’m a writer, comedian, and entrepreneur living in Chicago. I coach people to make short, personalized video content of all kinds. Whether it’s for sales, marketing, education, or pure entertainment, I make it fun and real.

I developed my style through ten years of sales and fifteen years of comedy. My love of performing on stage and on television has helped me develop a video-based approach to sales that is more efficient than cold-calling and cold-emailing.

What Are People Saying About The Course

"Chris had me on his weekly show, it was such a blast! He is a great entertainer and authority when it comes to video content. Chris' ability to produce, market, and create live virtual events that people actually WANT to watch is astounding! Please hire Chris for any of your video needs!"

- Mateo

"If you’re looking for someone to capture your message in a way that you know you need, but can’t quite get to on your own, Mr. Bogue is your man. From concept to creation to delivery, Chris is truly a pleasure to work with and delivers results! "

- Sandra

"Chris has an incredible talent to help people with a very common problem - being comfortable on camera. He worked with me in a jam packed session to create some incredibly valuable videos for my business."

- Mark

Lights, Camera, Sell: Filming and Editing Techniques for Video Sales

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